Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Utah Micro repairs all makes and models of Microsoft Windows Desktops, Laptops and Servers 

Common Computer Fixes

A Tune-up for your computer can make it run like new.  Defragging the hard disk, cleaning unneeded registry entries, defragging Windows startup items, deleting temporary Internet files, deleting temporary Windows files, repairing Internet browser settings, removing Malware, removing Viruses and deleting unneeded programs are necessary to keep the computer running at it’s best

Upgrading the amount of RAM is the most cost effective hardware upgrade

  • If your Hard Disk drive is getting full a bigger drive will help.  Switching from a 5400 rpm drive to a 7200 rpm drive improves performance
  • Switch to a Solid State Disk Drive
  • Add a Solid State Hard Disk – These drives have no spinning platters, they are clusters of memory so they are much faster than the conventional hard disk drives

Malware and unwanted programs can slow your computer to a crawl. Cleaning up the Operating System, eliminating these threats will help the computer run like new

Power supplies can fail completely, or one or more of the voltages can be low.  Low voltage outputs can make the computer very unstable causing it to reboot unexpectedly or not startup at all.

CPU cooling fan failure cause the computer to be extremely slow or not run at all.  Video card cooling failure can also cause the computer to stop responding.  Chassis cooling is necessary to keep the components cool and transfer heat to the outside.

If the motherboard can handle a faster CPU it will increase the overall performance of the computer