On-Line Support

Start a remote support session on your computer

Using (TechConnect) on your computer gives Utah Micro Tech Support temporary access to your computer.  

There are two ways to connect using TechConnect:

  1. Use ‘Join with your code’ when you have a Join Code given to you by tech support
  2. Use ‘Start a New Session’ to create your own Join code. You will give this code to your support tech

While on the Remote Access Support Session you will be able to see everything the Tech does on your computer.  You can ask questions during the session by connecting to the Tech by telephone or use the built-in Chat widget.

After the tech finishes the Support Session the app will be uninstalled from your computer automatically.

On-Line Support for MSP Customers

If you are using Utah Micro's Managed IT Services

The Remote Control app will already be pre-installed during the on-boarding process.  It is not necessary to download and install the app.  If you need to download and re-install your customized Remote Control App contact Support for instructions.

By downloading and installing TechConnect to your computer you are giving Utah Micro Support the ability to remote into your computer