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Security is the most important and most overlooked faucet of Home & Business computing.  If you ignore security at your Home or Business it’s only a matter of time before your computers will become corrupted.  They will either become unusable, or open up your data and information to Hackers or both.

Multi-Tiered Approach to Security

The concept of Multi-tiered Security has become widely accepted in the IT community.  The concept simplified is:

“NO SINGLE security application or process can protect your IT infrastructure from security breeches”.

  • Education

    You must educate all users on ways that hackers infect the computer

    • ‌ Phishing E-Mail Attacks – This type of attack is very common.  You must resist the temptation to click on links in e-mails.  Yes, that means even if the e-mail looks like it was sent by a friend or a company that you do business with regularly.  One way to test a link is to hover the mouse over the link and see where it will take you if you click on it.  It should match the url or domain of the sender.  If it doesn’t match, just delete the e-mail.
    • ‌ Do Not Download anything that you are not completely familiar with.  FREE downloads are not really free.  Hackers will offer free software or drivers that look completely legitimate, but they also include a Malware or Trojan infection.
  • Adequate Malware & Antivirus software

    It is necessary to have more than one Malware and Antivirus program

    • ‌ Resist free versions of Malware and Anti-Virus software.  Some free versions do not automatically monitor the system for intrusions.  You must manually trigger a scan or manually update definitions.
    • ‌ Use programs that use White Listing of programs.  These applications effectively block any program from running unless it is verified and digitally signed by the developer of the software.
    • ‌ Programs that use built in Windows Group Policies .  These programs block the execution of clandestine programs trying to install from unusual locations.  Viruses, Trojans and Malware almost always install from a location not normally used to install applications.
  • Two Factor Authentication

    Use Two-Factor Authentication when available.

    • ‌ Two factor authentication works by sending a second pass-code to your cell phone.  Once you receive the second code you use it to log onto the website.
  • E-Mail Filtering

    Use an established Spam filtering service for your e-mail service

    • ‌ Commercial Anti-Spam filtering software is available.  These services work by running all e-mail through the service before they are sent or received. Most services have a Black List where you can stop all email from a user or completely block a domain.  A White List is also used to unblock e-mail that the systems tagged as bad, but it’s really e-mail that you want to receive.
  • Firewall

    Firewalls block network traffic from unwanted sources, both on the LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network)

    • ‌ Firewalls come in different configurations.  Some firewall protection is part of the Windows operating system.  Other Firewalls are hardware appliances that can be programmed for many functions designed to keep your computers safe.

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