Windows 11 upgrade

Windows 11 upgrade

Windows 11 upgrade

Microsoft has released Windows 11 today 10/5/2021

Utah Micro does not support Windows 11 for our MSP customers

Utah Micro is not supporting Windows 11
on our MSP customer’s computer systems until it has been tested by all 3rd party line-of-business software providers and has passed their individual requirements. This is necessary to be sure there are no problems with the new Operating System that might cause problems in business operations.

Windows 11 Compatibilty

There’s been a lot of confusion about device compatibility since Microsoft’s big announcement of the updated OS earlier this summer.

At first, Microsoft said that it will not work on computer systems that do not have a TPM module. TPM Trusted Platform Module is a computer chip (microcontroller) that can securely store artifacts used to authenticate the platform (your PC or laptop). These artifacts can include passwords, certificates, or encryption keys.

Later they said that a computer could be upgraded to Windows 11 if you sign a waiver that you will not receive Security Updates.

At this time, it is unclear what will be required for Windows 11. It looks like a TPM 2.0 module will be required.

You can download Microsoft’s PC Health Check to see if your computer meets the system requirements. You can download from here: Window PC Health at a glance

Open the file, agree to the terms of service and click Install. Make sure the box is checked that says Open PC Health Check, and click Finish


Please do not download and install Windows 11 on your business computers. Microsoft plans on doing a staggered rollout, so it may not be available for some time. You probably won’t see the update until 2022.

You can submit a Trouble Ticket to ask any questions about Windows 11


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